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     BazCal says:



    Many more modern electricity meters have a round 10p-sized area with an orange lamp (led?) which pulses 100 times or 1000 times per unit.

    This is actually designed for customer metering so that there are no possible electrical connections to go wrong and it’s also direct from the meter electronics so should match your bill exactly. You just need a small photo-detector on a self-adhesive pad.

    The existing approach relies on having to use an analog clamp meter, and accurate A/D conversion and integration (which your digital house meter is already doing).

    I think it’d be cheaper, easier, and more accurate to count these pulses for those that have these meters.

    Thanks, Barry.

     skiv71 says:


    That’s what i use, via a NorthQ energy monitor.

    100% accurate :)


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     Fred says:


    Does anybody know how Accurate the First Edition is ?

    A Customer of mine uses it to Record Output of Solar Panels …

    There is a 20% Difference in what he gets paid …

     martinvip says:


    How about a two input pulse meter.

    One pulse for the normal grid and the other pulse for the PV Solar panel meter.

    Once you have two inputs you should be able to lots of clever stuff with the software.

    Grid Electric.

    Put in your costs from the grid, perhaps night rates also.
    Input you standing charge.
    The logic is to confirm your ongoing electric meter bill, which should be the same as the utility companies. Then reset for the next bill, etc

    PV Solar Electric.

    Put in the rates for the electric generated, amount returned to the grid, amount used in the building, and also the FIT rate you are receiving with dates .

    Also have a system to switch on the LightwaveRF relay 3KW plus to turn on an electric immersion heater.

    How is this for starters?

     GeoffS says:


    Take a look at the projects in Open Energy Monitor.
    Here you will find a solution that counts the pluses from the meter and does the Solar PV divert.
    Here is an alternative for the Solar PV divert:

    The trouble with a simple relay is the immersion heater when on may draw more power than is being produced by the solar panels. With the mk2pvrouter solution the power diverted is limited with a triac thus allowing the power to be regulated which works well at all times.

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