Echo Plus – does it control Lightwaverf WITHOUT Lightwave Link?

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     balboadale says:


    Hi all,

    If this question has been answered elsewhere I apologise, I have tried searching but can’t find the answer.

    Basically the question I would like to find the answer for is regarding the new Echo Plus – will it directly control Lightwaverf products?

    I’ve got a few lights and sockets through my house, as well as an inline relay controlling my immersion heater. I mainly control them through my Echo dot and everything is (pretty much) straight forward.

    I’ve got a few plugs and switches spare, so I was planning on fitting some in my parents’ house as a Xmas surprise, coupled with an Amazon Alexa enabled product. But I don’t know which one to go for…

    If the Echo Plus works with Lightwave, then that’s the one, as other products can easily be added over time. (Like this for example –
    If not, I would buy one of the new £80 Echo’s and a Lightwave Link.

    Hopefully this makes sense and someone could give me an idea on which way to go.


     btidey says:


    So far, there is not much info on the capability of the hub inside the plus.

    It does look it controls devices through wifi or zigbee, so I think it is a pretty good bet that there is no direct Lightwaverf support, so either a link or other bridge device is needed.

     Node Zero says:

    Node Zero


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     balboadale says:


    Thanks for the replies.

    I thought as much, a bit of unwelcome news. Seems Lightwave is going to be late to the party again..


     don63 says:


    I’d imagine that there are soon going to be a few lightwaverf gen-1 link’s going cheap on ebay. So one of these together with the standard echo or dot and you may well have change from what an echo-plus would cost.

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