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     dfensom says:


    Hi. I have a double power switch. The right hand switch has been programmed on my iPhone and works fine. The left hand switch is manual. I just switch it on/off manually as required.

    All was working fine. Then after the mains had been switched off for about 30 mins, on coming back on, the left hand socket (manual one), wont switch off. It just stays on blue all the time.

    I have tried switching off the mains power again, to see if it resets it, but it stays permanently on.

    Is there anything else I can try? Do you think I have a faulty socket?

    Thanks – David

     Dave says:


    If you hold the left hand button in does it begin pairing mode?
    Not that this would be a great help but it would tell you if the button itself is working.

    Having said that it should always fail safe and return to off on first power up.

    Try it with and without a load – it’a also possible to lock a socket on or off using the iphone app but again I think it would fail off.

    Otherwise it looks like one for JSJS.


    LWRF, RFXCom on RPi, Domoticz, Heatmiser, Micasaverde Vera Lite and AlertMe all running in harmony(ish).
     cndawes says:


    I’ve had similar but not exact same failing. Solution was to log ticket, send to JSJS, them test/verify and then send me a new one. They’ve always been very efficient and helpful doing this …

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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