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     DiavelDes says:


    We have a house with 2 doors people use and the layout of the house means one ringer cannot be heard everywhere in the house. Does anyone know if you can have more than one button linked to a chime and more than one chime linked to each button. Ideally I need 2 doorbells that would ring 3 chimes.

     SimonCatlin says:


    I seem to be unable to post a full reply to this; TEST

    2 WiFi, 2 sockets, 11 light switches (7 single, 4 double), 2 mood controllers, 1 double wire free switch, 6 plug in on/off, 3 plug in dimmer, 2 PIR, 2 LED, 1 300W Inline relay, 2 signal booster, 1 Energy Monitor and 1 very patient wife. Also Heatmiser's Neo, Ring Bell, Ring Camera, Nest Protect, Canary...
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