Dimmer type for Hall/Landing

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     Allan says:


    Hi all, I’m trying to work out which dimmers I need for a hall and landing, the landing being two way switched from the hall.

    Hall will be a 2 gang, landing will be a single gang. The second gang of the hall will be the landing two way.
    Getting a bit confused with some of the information, for example the Megaman site shows the W455 as a master/slave, but refers to each gang as Master1/Master2 in the images?

    I think I need a W420 for the hall and a W450 for the landing. I’m assuming that both gangs of the W420 are master gangs.
    Another alternative was a W455 downstairs and a W400 upstairs paired with the slave gang of the W455.


     nevetsecirp says:


    Ho for the Hall you will need a 2 Gang lw 420
    and for the landing a slave 1 gang lw 450 https://www.lightwaverf.com/product/250-2-way-dimmer-lw450/


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     Allan says:


    Excellent, thanks for confirming.

     michael ward says:

    michael ward

    The easiest way to think of this, is to know that a single relay can have multiple switches linked to it. Which is why the term master 1 and master 2 are appropriate.
    You can link both switches to the landing light relay or even a third if you wish.

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