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     Ronski says:


    I recently purchased two LW400 dimmer switches to install in our through lounge dinning room. About a week ago I installed the first dimmer switch, this has 10 7w Lumilife LED’s on it. It was working fine, hadn’t linked it as was doing lots of other stuff. The lights had been on for about 20 minutes I went out to the garage to get something and when I came back the lights had gone out.

    No led’s on the switch were illuminated if I remember correctly, and neither the on or off button did anything. I disconnected the power, left it off for a while, but alas it still didn’t work. In the end I fitted the second switch, and all was good.

    Tonight I decided I’d buy a replacement from Screwfix and arrange for the other to go back to Amazon as it still wasn’t working. I fitted the new dimmer in the dining room which has 8 LED’s bulbs and both were working. Set up the new link plus, which is another story, but got it working.

    Sat down with the lounge lights on to watch the news, about 20 minutes after turning the lights on via my phone they went off. They would not turn on again, trying the switch it still had the blue LED lit, turn it off and the orange LED comes on, as it should, press on and the blue LED comes on but no lights.

    So I take the switch off, turn the the trip back on and touch the wires together – we have lights! Power off again, refit the switch, turn the power back on and nothing, no indicator lights on the switch and no main lights. It seems to have died exactly as the first one did.

    Is this a common occurrence, or have I just got unlucky with two dead dimmers?

    This is my first time trying Lightwave, and I have to say so far I’m not at all impressed.

     Ronski says:


    I emailed Lightwave support on Christmas Eve, and to my surprise they replied.

    It would appear that my 10 x 7w bulbs are overloading the dimmer and it’s failing, rather surprising there’s no overload protection built it.

    Options are to change the bulbs for ones on the compatibility list, or reduce the number of bulbs, other option they said that may work is to use a Gen 2 dimmer switch.

    I note that these can handle more power, as specs say a maximum of 350w compared to gen 1 of 250w, appreciate this is not LED wattage, but implies they can handle more so may well handle more LED load, worth a try.

     Ronski says:


    I thought I’d pop back and update this.

    I purchased a Gen 2 dimmer switch, and surprise surpise it didn’t work, well the LED on the switch indicated it was working, but the LED’s in the ceiling never turned on! So that went back.

    I then ordered two Varilight Eclique V-Pro dimmer switches, these look very similar to the Lighwave switches. Installed and both worked, but the next day the one with 8 led’s on it started flashing like a strobe light and was unable to turn off. Varilight sent out a replacement and requested the old one back as they’d never heard of this happening before, they even checked what LED’s I had and were happy with those. New one was installed and both are working perfectly.

    For those that don’t know these are infrared controlled, so will work with my Harmony Elite. So how come Varilight can make a remote controlled dimmer switch that works with my LED’s without overheating yet Lightwave can’t? Seems Lightwave need to have a closer look at the Varilight dimmer switch.

    End result is the Lightwave stuff has either been returned as faulty or in the case of the two bits that work have been put on Ebay.

    I won’t be buying Lightwave stuff again, it seems it is just far too fussy as to what it works with, which to me means poor quality.

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