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     Davebaker says:


    Hi we’ve had a 2 gang 1 way dimmer switch fitted for about 9 months and until recently it’s worked perfectly BUT the exterior switch is not working properly it’ll turn on for a few seconds then go off again, it’ll stay on a bit longer if dimmed to 15%. It is running 4 leds low powered as 30w equivalent was too bright but not sure of the specifics. The kitchen switch is still working ok. My thoughts are it’s overloading but it’s worked until now
    Any ideas?

     Matt says:


    Is it Gen 1 or 2?

    I had Gen 2 dimmer, worked fine for weeks, then updated it and it went on / off as you described. Something to do twith the auto calibration which was updated I think.

    Took ages to work it out. does your led go green too whilst flashing…?

    Finally settled on making it work by being very patient. When and if yours goes green, the team suggest its compatibility issue, but as it was working previously, I ignored that.

    there is a delay between the app and the light going on / off when flashing, so its irritating when you think you are resetting the device etc, and it still flashes, as its catching up with previous instructions, so wait longer than you may think.

    I found that setting the brightness to about 15% max, and leaving the calibration to auto, the light was flashing for about three minutes, then settled down and stopped. was anxious to wait this long but its worked.

    Now when switched on, just leave any further changes in % , don’t be fooled into playing with the settings, I think the gen2 it pretty self levelling and will sort itself out. Took me about three days of getting it right, but hopefully he next ones I install will work form the box.

    The option to update the individual device on each one, once you do one, do them all. and be patient.

    Hope that helps….


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