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     billinghamn says:


    I haven’t seen this reported anywhere else on this forum – apologies if I have missed it!

    I have been looking at the posts from a few years ago relating to spacers, specifically ones recommended by third parties. The ones provided in the packaging with the Generation 2 dimmer switches are very nice, and hide the plastic bit very well.

    I ended up ringing Lightwave today (0121 250 3625), and you can buy the official spacers which are (apparently) compatible with both Generation 1 and 2 dimmer switches. The product codes and costs are listed below:

    JSJSLW827WH – Single Socket/Dimmer Spacer White – £2.50
    JSJSLW827BLK – Single Socket/Dimmer Spacer Grey/Black – £2.50
    JSJSLW828BLK – Double Socket/Dimmer Spacer Grey/Black £2.99

    There is a £4.80 delivery charge. I’ve order a fair number of these, so will report back on how they look. I hope they will finish things off nicely…

     JamesP says:


    Why not just change the backbox to the correct depth. They do say they need to be 35mm but in practice 30mm is fine.

     billinghamn says:


    My requirement is nothing to do with the depth of the backbox. It’s the sight of the clear plastic back of the dimmer switch which is the problem!

    These spacers hide the clear plastic completely and finish it off beautifully. :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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