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     maliamatt says:



    Hope you can help, I am just getting a new setup installed and have run into an issue I’m struggling to resolve. We have a dimmer that most mornings when timed to come on will start to cycle 0%-100&-0%-100% (apx 2 seconds each cycle) repeatedly until turned off. Its running a 60w incandescent bulb.

    It is programmed as below:

    19:30 – IFTTF – partial lock dimmer
    19:30 – LightwaveRF timer – Turn dimmer off

    06:00 – IFTTF – Unlock dimmer
    07:15 – LightwaveRF – Dimmer to 50%
    07:30 – LightwaveRF – Dimmer to 100&
    07:45 – LightwaveRF – Dimmer off

    Any ideas? Is there a log anywhere where I can see what commands it is receiving both manual and RF?

    Thanks, Matt.

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