Could Home Hive be interfering with Lightwave?

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     nrbolton says:


    I had Home Hive installed a while ago, and it seems to link in with the time when I started having issues with some Lightwave devices. The outside lights don’t switch off (timer) and I have to press ‘off’ on the remote many times to switch them off. Telling Alexa to switch them off also doesn’t work. The are also occasional problems switching other lights and sockets on/off using remotes which I didn’t have before. Has anyone else got Home Hive? Could there be another problem?

     JamesP says:


    I used to have this problem with my hub being on the edge of range with my device I was switching. Some days it would work and others it wouldn’t. Seemed to be bad weather days meant it wouldn’t switch. I moved the hub to a more central property location and this definitely helped but didn’t completely eliminate the problem.

    Gen 2 hub though has definitely improved the situation because it keeps sending the on signal until it hears a response back from the device.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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