Converting 1 gang to 4 gang

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     kevdoy says:


    I am currently working at a property where they have a central light switched 1way. I wanted to convert that single pendant to switch 3no additional lights.
    I have bought 1no LW440 light switch and 4no LW821 relays. I planned to parallel up the L+N of the relays and then simply program the 4gang light switch to wirelessly switch the outputs of the 4no relays (each connected to a separate light).
    At the moment I have ran a live feed to the light switch but i cannot get it to do anything or communicate with the other
    how do i do this

     Jules says:


    Each gang of the LW440 requires a mains live, a switched live and a dimmable load. The LW440 only receives wireless instructions, it doesn’t transmit any. You cannot control the LW821 relays with the LW440 switch, you would need to use the LightwaveRF app., remote or wireless switches to do so.

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