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     levi.butler says:


    Recently my controller has been controlling an additional device
    When i turn on, of or dim my living room lights the bedroom lights do the same.
    When i turn on or off or dim my bedroom lights my living room lights arent affected.
    When i turn on or off or dim my living room lights from my control box only the living room lights work (as expected)
    I have tried recreating the devices on my app.
    I have tried restarting the controller and restarting the light switches.

    Controller version: U2.91Q

    I am also receiving an error when i try to control the lights from my computer using the API –
    I have been using this API for a while successfully however its stopped working. The controller just returns – V=”U2.91Q” where it usually returns “OK”

    If anyone could help with either of my problems would be big help

     Chris says:

    Key Master

    I can’t explain why this would suddenly start happening, but if this happens all the time, have you tried unpairing the bedroom dimmer from the living room on the app – it could be that it somehow ended up in pairing mode when someone issued an on command to the living room. Remember that the app doesn’t know much about what is actually paired to it – the dimmer itself learns the device codes it is expected to respond to during the pairing phase and when it hears commands for these device codes it will respond whether it is the only device or not. I have two dimmers who both think they are garden lights deliberately – I always want both circuits controlled together so only one device on the app is necessary and both dimmers respond to it.

    To unpair, put the bedroom dimmer in pairing mode and use the app to turn off the living room lights. All being well, the amber LED will flash a couple of times and your problem will be solved.

    Chris Mills Founder and Editor - LightwaveRF Community
     levi.butler says:


    Hi Chris
    Thanks for your help – after unpairing the bedroom lights, the living room are now doing just the living room – perfect.
    Have you came across my api error before? Do you know of another way I can locally control my devices from my pc if I can’t fix it?

    Thanks again for your help

     ScubyD says:


    If you re-pair from the app (using a room/device that isn’t already used for something else), it should work again. I’ve had similar a few times, not sure why, seems like a marginal thing where two devices with similar codes end up drifting and increasingly responding to the wrong code. Probably related to interference somewhere, or having moved something you get reflections that give a consistent “wrong” command, but definitely annoying when it happens – unpair and re-pair should fix it.

    Think of Lightwave working like standing in a noisy room and shouting “hey Jen” – usually Jen will hear you, but not always, and occasionally Jim will mis-hear and think you were talking to him and so respond instead or as well as Jen!

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