Control of remote Oil Boiler

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    I’m looking to implement LIghtwaveRF to control my central heating/hot water system. We have an S-Plan system but with no thermostat. The oil boiler was originally on all the time and a few years ago I converted it to an immersion heater timer.

    The challenge I have is there is no wiring between the airing cupboard where the pump and valves are and the boiler. Plus the boiler will draw up to 6A when it fires up. So it look like I could use a LightwaveRF wireless thermostat, boiler switch, electric switch and the LInk so that I can control via the App.

    BUT I would want the electric switch to not only be on a timed sequence but also to be driven off the wireless thermostat (in winter) – So I would want the wireless switch to switch when the boiler switch switched. Then I would mount the boiler switch in the airing cupboard to control the pump and the valves and the electric switch near the boiler (as the electric switch is 13A this should be ok).

    Is it possible to do this or not or would I need to just use a timer on the boiler for the electric switch?


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