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     wo0d1e says:


    For anyone interested I have found that the App ShowWatcher allows you to control your LightwaveRF setup. You can have up to 32 separate commands configured. It is a paid app as I was unable to find any free variants. It seems to be aimed at controlling Alcorm McBridge systems but allows simple UDP transmission to the LWRF link. Also as this sends the command from your paired apple device you don’t get a separate option to register your apple watch

    Setup was real easy, I just added my WiFi links IP address into the receiver option in the app. Added the port, then edited the commands to include my commands such as:-

    “100, !R1D1F1″ The quotes are important for the app to send the string.

    Just a heads up in case anyone else was looking for this functionality, its basic until homekit integration comes along.

     wo0d1e says:


    Screenshot of setup

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     Gerardwr says:


    Good find, but it’s a bit pricey $10.

    From the same developer I also saw the App “UDP Remote” (not for Watch) with 8 buttons that can hold an UDP command. Just $1.

     wo0d1e says:


    I know, all my other methods have been FREE.. I utilise the LW app and irule on all of my iOS and Android devices around the house. This was the only app I could find to integrate my Apple Watch. I couldn’t stand not having a device I couldn’t use for my setup. Sad I know

     MrR1gby says:


    i have just got this app but don’t know what to do with it at all

     mmcnamee says:


    iControl web works as long as you have a Webserver (raspberry pi) or something to fire commands at the link from.

    iControl Web by Sebastian Bub Software Distribution

    UI is built up from configuration file, which takes a bit of learning, but it’s great and fast once setup.

     jaymslk says:


    Could you explain how the ShowWatcher (receiver codes) are recognised and setup as code per receiver, please? a 101 type setup guide would be great, if you could assist.

     Sean says:



    Following jaymslk post above on 12 February, can you post how you have set this up please, with screenshots from your iphone please.
    I have downloaded the Showwatcher app and assigned the IP address of the LightwaveRF Link, using port 9760, but it doesn’t seem to be transmitting to the wifi link. (Commands time out)

    Just need to know how to configure the commands ….
    I know that you have to use line numbers, and commands similar to “100, !R1D1F1″ but I;m afraid the rest baffles me !

    Sean Newbie with Lightwave RF
     mattpant says:


    Sorry – I’m a newbie at this- and looking at this tread for a friend who want’s to control their Lightwave RF via an Apple Watch – is there a list of commands somewhere that is used to setup the system?

    What exactly does the “100, !R1D1F1″ do ???

    I notice this thread is quite old now too – are there any other APPS people recommend to control the system with an Apple Watch?



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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