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     derekoh says:


    Noob here (as far as LWFR goes).

    I currently run Domoticz, MQTT, Broadlink, Harmony, etc. and am about to start installing some LWRF devices.

    What’s the best way to integrate these with Domoticz for overall control? (preferably without using the LWRF link if possible as I’m hoping to avoid having to buy one unless I have to for pairing purposes).


     btidey says:


    Theoretically one can use the Domoticz Broadlink integration to do this, BUT …

    The Broadlink basically uses a learning process to learn the codes from an existing controller and then repeat them as required. So the first thing you need is a device to send codes like a link, rfxcom or remote control.

    Assuming you had a remote control that would be a source of codes to learn but then you hit the second problem.

    The Broadlink is very good at learning IR codes but struggles with RF codes. This is because the IR code formats are simpler and more standardised compared with RF plus the ever present background RF noise makes it harder to pick out the genuine signal to learn. The result is that even after many frustrating attempts to learn the Broadlink method does not produce relaible codes to send.

    Devices like the rfxcom and obviously the link don’t have this problem because they understand the protocol and message format and therefore just translate the requested message and transmit it reliably.

    The rfxcom has the potential advantage over the link in that it understands and sends a variety of rf protocols whereas the link is restricted to lightwaverf.

    You also have to careful about what lightwaverf devices you get. Most of these integrations support the Gen1 / Gen2 Lightwaverf devices. The latest ‘smart’ series are 2 way and use a different protocol and use a different link box.

    The alternative if you are into making stuff is to create your own gateway device to go from MQTT to lightwave protocol. This can be done using an ESP8266 device like a Wemos D1 plus a 433MHz TX module. Libraries are available which support the LightwaveRF protocol ( it is straightforward to receive MQTT commands and translate those to what needs to be transmitted.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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