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     MD says:


    Hey, hoping someone can help me set this up. I’ve just bought a few of the connect series switches since they were on sale, already got one hooked up and working fine although it’s 1-way, and got some smart series one working too.

    Trying to connect up a bedroom though which has two light switches and it just won’t work. The slave is getting power and lights up, but the master isn’t lighting up at all. Seems to have no power. It doesn’t turn the light on or off though.

    The previous switches were both setup the same way. A COM terminal, an L1 and L2 wire. Both switches had all 3 wires connected in this config. I’ve added some pictures below of where I got to. Based on the instructions I’m sticking the COM wire into the L on both lightwave switches, and so far I’ve put the L1 wire in the arrow or X looking hole (on both switches). This is what makes the slave light up.

    I’ve still got both L2 wires not connected to anything yet, but adding them to the S terminal doesn’t work.

    Anyone got any ideas? Here are the pics:


    Any help is greatly appreciated. Pretty lost to be honest.

     MD says:


    Did some experimenting today and found that the master works, and controls the light just fine if I remove the slave switch and connect the old dumb switch back. So that’s where I’ve left it right now. Obviously the dumb switch is totally useless right now but whenever I connect the slave switch I get the issue described above.

    At the very least it appears the master is wired correctly?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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