Connect 3-Gangway LW430, with GU10 LED downlights, and G4 halogen pedants

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     Alex34 says:


    Hello all.

    Looking for help and advice for install of Connect Series dimmer switch, the 3-gangway model LW430.

    They are powering:
    - Eight 5watt GU10 downlights
    - Two pendant lights with a total of forty 12volt G4 halogen 10watt bulbs
    - One wall light with two 30watt holgen E14 candle bulbs*
    * I haven’t yet installed the 30watt halogen bulbs as I will be picking them up later today.

    All bulbs are dimmable but I have run into a few compatibility issues.

    The GU10 bulbs I originally had were a 3.5watt TP24 brand but would stay on even though the switch was off. They would dim when turned on but the dimming range was very small. Someone on here recommended GU10s from Screwfix that I have tried today and they seem to be more compatible as they stay off when switch is off; however, these bulbs have a very small dimming range as well.

    The pendant lights have forty 12volt 10watt halogen bulbs that have a very large dimming range but have a slight flicker when dimmed in the low ranges. These were purchased from Toolstation. I went with halogen on these light as opting for LEDs would have cost me well over £100 more just for the bulbs.

    I have not yet tried the wall lights with dimmable bulbs as it has been a hassle trying to find halogen e14 candle bulbs. I have found some Diall 30watt halogen bulbs online which I am picking up later today. The reason I chose halogen for this light is because I was told the minimum wattage per channle was 20watts and LEDs would have been far less than that.

    With the GU10s, am I stuck with this small dimming range if I am using LEDs? Would I get a better range if I used dimmable halogen GU10s instead?

    The flickering of the pendant lights, would this be more likely caused by the bulbs or the lighting unit? Also, what can I do to fix this?

    The E27 halogen bulbs, am I likely to get a similar flicker when dimmed low? Is there a LED alternative even though this light only has two bulbs?

    The reason I decided to use the Lightwave dimmer is because I already have an outside Lightwave switch for my deck lights which were controlled by remote and I thought it would be nice to automate other lights having them all integrated into our Google Home device. I bought the 3-gangway switch and a Link unit to start off but if I knew it would be so difficult finding compatible bulbs I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

    Any help and advice is greatly appreciated none the less.

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