Compatible sockets?

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     Binman says:


    Hi all!

    Has anyone found any compatible sockets that work with the lightwave hub (not gen 2)

    Or are these best value?

    Thanks! :-)

     btidey says:


    Lightwaverf uses its own message format to devices so you have to use lightwaverf devices unless you start using controllers other than the lightwaver f hubs.

    There are three types of plug in sockets.

    LW301 dimmable designed for controlling table lamps etc. up to 300Watts

    LW321 advanced plug in socket on/off up to 3000Watts

    LW381 basic plug in sockets on/off up to 3000Watts

    The basic are significantly cheaper. What you primarily give up is only up to 3 pairings held in device, no mood control, and no specific pairing button. They go into pairing mode for a few seconds when power is applied.

    For a lot of uses basic works fine.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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