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     vaderag says:


    Hi all,

    I’ve searched and all threads seem pretty old relating to compatible bulbs.

    I currently have an LW400 with a halogen bulb that works fine, but I want to replace with a single B22 LED that gives a good dim-bright range

    Can anyone suggest something that works and is cheap?
    The official notice on LED bulbs seems to relate to the older 200 model dimmers and the only brand mentioned in relation to LW400 seems to be megaman which i’m finding difficult to source in quantities <10.


     Jules says:


    I have a single Sainsbury’s LED standard dimmable B22 lamp (9w 806 lumens) controlled by an LW400.

    It cost £4 and works, but there’s very little difference in brightness between fully on and fully dimmed. I can ask Alexa to set the light from 100% down to 3%; anything lower and it goes off.

    Sadly, I haven’t got loads of spare cash to do trial and error testing on different LED lamps.

    I have a ceiling light with 3 x B&Q cool white GU10 LEDs in it, but the load is insufficient for the LW400, so one lamp glows when the switch is off. It’s impractical for me to fit a resistive load such as the Danlers Resloade device, so I’ve resorted to fitting two LEDs together with one halogen lamp in the light fitting for now.

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       Sparkyq says:


      I have found the lightwell range lightrabbit well work ok for the bulbs i have used , also the diall ones b&q sell, the ledhut gu10 ones buzzed so sent back. Of coursr get dimmable ;o) on the dimming range they work ok once you set the dimming range to maximum via the switch by default the range is minimal.

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