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     ultimate-orange says:



    I’m pulling together a lighting design that uses a number of Vintage LED lamps. Does anyone have any experience of these working well with LWRF? There’s nothing on their compatibility chart and Lightwave have stated that they’ve never tested any vintage bulbs, surprising considering how popular the are. I was considering using a reputable brand light like Megaman or Bell, maybe even stretching to the Plumen bulbs. Anyone got any experience with vintage lamps?


     markk says:


    The whole LWRF and LED topic is a complete minefield. I have a mixture of 200 and 400 series dimmers and despite the claim the 400s were designed with LED lamps in mind, many of my LEDs work better with the 200 series. By the same token, the same three LED’s on one 200 series dimmer work and on another they don’t! I would suggest you get lamps from a supplier who will accept returns and give them a try. If they don’t work, take them back and try others.

    Running RFXCom with Domoticz on raspberry pi3. LWRF dimmer switches, PIRs and plug sockets. Some Homeeasy switches, harmony hub controlling AV and air con. Geofencing with Pilot app. Tado for heating and cooling.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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