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     dermotor says:


    Hi there

    I am setting up some new devices.

    All generation 2 with a new Link Plus.

    I have added a single-gang dimmer and it works perfectly.

    Now trying to add two 2-gang power sockets. (We will leave aside that the screws to make contact with heavy 13A copper wires seem to be HOPELESS at gripping the wires!)

    I am completely failing to add these new devices (either in a new “room” or artificially even into the existing room)

    Am I missing something obvious? I can edit the names of the rooms but there doesn’t seem to be any “+” icon to add a device. Can sit next to the new sockets with red/blue flashing lights but no ability to recognise/add the device.

    As an aside, almost all the help on the website seems to refer to Gen 1 devices.

    Please feel free to tell me I am missing something simple and point me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance.

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     h3mp says:


    it is backwards at the moment!
    you have to “add” them on the “favourites” screen, then once there you can assign the device to a room…

     dermotor says:


    Perfect. Not exactly intuitive but worked. Thank you very much. Coincidentally your answer came through after I had been hanging onto the support phone for 30 minute

    Having bad luck today. It has proved complicated having one network in the house and a totally separate one in a shed in the garden.

    I have had to put the new Link Plus onto a new account in my wife’s name but mistakenly added it to Apples HomeKit in my account.

    Now can’t get Apple’s HomeKit to recognise it in either account despite deleting it in my account and trying to reset the link plus.

    To cap things off one of the Gen 2 Lightwave power sockets seems to have died completely.

    Apart from that it is all going swimmingly!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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