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     hongkong says:


    As I was new in RF I purchased many products and its work fine.
    I also purchased Boiler Switch JSJSLW920 and no one in shop
    told me that I also need at least Thermostat to work with Boiler Switch.

    If you read Instruction manual its written like this:
    The BS is designed to be “linked” to the Home termostat (BASIC SETUP),
    OR with LIghtW Link (TIPICAL SETUP)

    For example we have only electrical water boiler with incorporated thermostat
    measuring water temperature and regulation outside from 0-90 C temp.

    I was planning to use Boiler switch with water boiler thermostat removing
    switching from Boiler and connecting to New Boiler Switch but obviously
    this is not possible.

    Can I use Boiler Switch JSJSLW920 as stand alone switch for water heating boiler
    in conjunction with simple temperature thermostat from boiler and not external
    thermostat from LWRF range?

    When I try to connect it with RF link its refuse in application – Not recognized ???

    I’m using boiler only for heating water for bathroom not for radiators.

    Thanks a lot for suggestion.

    p.s. It will be nice from JSJS to add information when someone NEW purchasing
    products (amateurs in RF) that we need with Boiler Switch also Thermostat or
    some other Heating devices. Thanks. I purchase this in Maplin in Cardiff and
    no one from guys say nothing when I purchase for 400 GBP products. LOL

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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