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    Hi all

    I am new to the lightwave forum and just got myself a kit, I used to have the Philips hue bulbs but wanted a more automated approach with real switches etc.

    anyways, I have got a link (the small square one along with the boiler switch jsjslw920 and home thermostat jsjslw921 and I seem to be having a couple of problems with the boiler I have

    the one I have is an eco pro 28 by valiant, although not the one on the site for some reason, I managed to track down the manual and I have wired it up as per the diagram, however I have no light on the boiler switch, the boiler is working and fires up but takes no direction from the switch,

    looking into the manual it mentions that UK connections should not use terminals 789, so I presume I would need to use the 240 switching.

    I’ve gone live and neutural from the bus to the boiler switch and pins 7 and 9 to the No and CM on the boiler switch, I also have a box which I think is a vr65 currently attached to the bus live and neutral which I removed and put the boiler switch in its place.

    anyone any ideas

    thank you in advance,

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