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     Jawswing says:


    I’m buying my first home, should be going through within the next week or too I imagine. Up until recently, I was planning on using Phillips Hue bulbs at £50 a bulb until I stumbled across Lightwave switches. These things are miles better and much more cost effective.

    Anyway, I’ve had someone tell me that they’ve got their blinds hooked up to Lightwave. But I can’t really find any information on how to set this up. Automated blinds sounds right up my street…

    Can anyone let me know exactly what I need and how to set up the blinds. I presume I need the relay. But what else do I need? Is it one relay per blind… Where do I put the relay… etc….
    Can all the mechanics be hidden?

     livewires71 says:


    You will need 1 per blind if you want control individually they will need to be mains powered to work with the relay. Battery operated do not work

     PortRhombus says:


    So I’m looking at installing LWRF and I want to be able to control an electric blind. I know that a relay will control OPEN/STOP/CLOSE etc. But how would this work if I set the blind to open/close on a timer (morning or night)? Or via the app while away from the home?

    Do I need to physically be there to tell the blind to STOP? Or is there a way to make the blind do this automatically? Looking at using a Somfy Blind.

     Node Zero says:

    Node Zero

    The Somfy blind i use has built in limit stops, basically just an allen screw that you adjust when the blinds are in situ so you can set exactly where you want the blind to stop in the upper and lower positions.

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