Best E-27 Bulbs for LW400

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    I need to replace an incandescent dimmer switch and the LightwaveRF LW400 (or the new one coming soon!) looks a good start. What I am having trouble with is finding some suitable bulbs. Matching bulbs to dimmer switches seems to be a minefield.

    I have two light fittings, each with three bulbs, connected to one dimmer switch. I want to put approx 4W (400 Lumen / 30W in old money) bulbs in the lights. This will make 24W total so should be enough to stop any buzzing or flickering I hope.

    So I need to get six E-27 small sized bulbs but I don’t know which make to get. Looking through the forum and the LightWaveRF compatibility chart, it’s unclear to me what manufacturer will work. Are there some makes where any bulbs will work, or do I need to choose specific E-27 compatible bulbs. As I need six bulbs, I’m hoping there will be some that are not too expensive. And suggestions?

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