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     Phil Knight says:

    Phil Knight

    Sorry this is the second question in 30 minutes.

    In my Bathroom I have a pull cord with turn the light on as well an extractor fan. I would like to replace the pull cord with a relay and a sensor, so when anyone walks in the light / fan comes on.

    Is this possible?

    The reason I am asking is that a couple of electricians I have asked say that I can, but another says “legally” I can not in a Bathroom in the UK .

    Anyone come across this please?

    Many Thanks,

     Chester says:


    My understanding is that you need a way of isolating the appliance for maintenance, so you’ll need a switch somewhere. So I believe you can’t eliminate a switch (the current pull cord) entirely. You may be able to relocate the switch into a cupboard though.

    Otherwise, are you sure you want to do this in a bathroom? Downstairs toilet, get it, but not in a bathroom where you might want to leave the light on after the timer on the PIR has elapsed and turns the light off.

     Phil Knight says:

    Phil Knight

    Thanks Chester,
    You make some good points.
    Maybe not such a good idea after all. My plan was to replace and control every light in the house.

     wanye says:


    i got round it by having the light wired to a LWRF switch in the adjacent bedroom, and then using a wireless switch on the other door to the bathroom

    i tried a PIR, but as mentioned above, it kept turning the light off when i was on the toilet. its a shame there isnt a function of the PIR that lets you turn something on, but doesnt automatically switch things off after X minutes

     rhlangdon says:


    If you want to stop the PR turning off the lights when using the toilet then you need a motion sensor!!!!

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