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     Bugsyuk says:


    Hi all,

    I would really like some help on setting up a specification for the below situations.
    I have contacted support at LWRF – but, won’t go into it here…! Still waiting, more than a month later.
    I am getting a electrician to carry out all the wiring works! But would like some clear advice so i can properly brief on what we want to do.

    There is an existing single gang light switch on the wall which operates a central pendant.
    We are adding two new bedside pendants – with new wiring. I *think* we need to add a 3gang 1 way master switch to this existing wall location. (and chase+run the wires to it as well)

    We would then like two switches either side of the bedside (LW-RF mood looks ideal?) which operate all lights for example…I am not sure on the dimability using that mood switch, so help me out! :) I am thinking the left light mood switch to work like this:

    5 Buttons to operate (for left hand bed side):
    All ON – Central Pendant & Both bedsides (100%)
    All Off – Central Pendant & Both bedsides
    Lft Bedside pendant On (with dimming if possible – or a preset dim level 50%?)
    Lft Bedside Pendant ON
    Lft Bedside Pendant OFF

    Let me know if that can be done any better? I.e. with more dimming flexibility etc?

    Again, existing wiring in situ is single gang switch located outside the door. This operates a central light fitting.
    We are adding a 6no. of 230v LED IP65 down lights – this is going on the old circuit already in place.

    There is also RGBW strips being added behind cupboards on the wall and a shelf nieche. (2no. strips in total). Its these that are causing a control nightmare for me! :)

    So, the situation I would like to get to:
    Double gang Switch by door operates all downlights / both led strip lights (let me know if we could cut this down to single gang somehow! As would prefer not to confuse guests with two options) I do need the two independantly controlled as: I would also like a PIR ability in here that operates the RGBW LED strip lights only at night, on a lux sensor and between set times. I.e. 21:00-06:00 led strips come on with movement at 20% dim level.

    Any feedback / tips would be greatly appreciated!

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