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     winger15mk says:


    Hi guys, really hoping someone can help with an issue I’m having.

    So I have an arduino project in which I have made use of the commonly known lightwave rf library by Lawrie:

    Everything works perfectly in that i have paired to my single gang light switch and can send on and off commands which do the job.

    The problem I have is that ever since I have ‘paired’ the switch to the ‘arduino remote’ if I turn on the switch manually then it turns itself off after a minute or so? If i turn the switch on with the signal then it stays on indefinitely!?

    I know the signal is the issue as if I unpair it and turn the switch on manually it stays on for good as well?

    Really hoping someone can help as its driving me mad!


     btidey says:


    That sounds pretty strange. I am wondering whether you have paired multiple devices to the switch which is up to its maximum of 6 and that is somehow causing strange behaviour.

    Might be worth doing a full clear out of the switch to remove all pairings and then repair just the minimum you need to see if that helps. See switch manual fo rhow to do a full clear.

    Although it doesn’t sound like a library problem you may wish to consider using the interrupt driven libraries at

    As the transmission and reception are done in the background on interrupts then it can sometimes make it easier to integrate in with other functions the MCU is doing.

    The libraries can run on a variety of platforms including basic Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Particle, and ESP8266.

     winger15mk says:


    I wiped the device and added the single ‘remote’ using the Lawrie code on an ESP8266 but still have the same issue, if I turn the light on with the code then it turns itself off after a few minutes.

    Gonna try perhaps the unlocking option in his code and see whether the switch is just set to lock by default?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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