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     rockhoppers1964 says:


    Does this new compatibility now mean that i can put another Apple homekit enable appliance in to my home and run it over the Link Plus for Gen 2 ?

    Something like this for example ?


     Bedford says:


    Have not tried myself, but, Yes – that’s concept of the Apple HomeKit System, having one App “Home” that covers lots of different IoT companies.

    The caveat is to make sure you can add the accessory/device directly to the Home App. i.e. Use the “HomeKit Code” without having to keep adding App’s for each company/brand name.

    Otherwise, one could end up with lots of different manufactures/suppliers App’s.

    Have fun

     Bedford says:


    Hello Andrew,

    I see the Maplin link is a ‘Elgato Eve Wireless Motion Sensor’.

    Not too sure what your’e looking to do – but, if it’s to turn on a light, I have been using a LWRF (Gen 1) PIR sensor, paired to a (Gen 1) LWRF switch for a number of years. Works OK, so long as you change the PIR batteries now and again.



    PS Now drifting over to LWRF (Gen 2) products, as and when they become available.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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