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     Freetrome says:



    I use the iphone app but the other half has a htc smart phone.
    Is there support for these phones yet ?


     AndreWilley says:


    HTC do both Android and WindowsPhone7 phones, do you know which sort she has?

    I think a droid app is something that is planned, but I don’t know about Windows – however either way she could probably use the basic web interface via a mobile browser anyway.


     AlexS says:


    youre too good andre – pretty much already answered the question!

    Our andoid app is being written and is on the way – it will be a free app like the apple one. ipad also being developed. The web console will do the job almost as well whilst you are waiting on any web enabled device including an android phone. There is a mobile page which will taylor the console automatically to your phone screen and will look just like the iphone app. It wont be quite as instantanious as with the iphone app until as every command will be going through the net so may take up to a second or two. Console we are just testing now – it should have been out this week but we have a had a couple of bugs with the security aspects- i have been told that a week monday something should be up on the site.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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