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     Johnny T says:

    Johnny T

    Hi all,
    Both mine and my wife’s phone are just getting the message..
    “You do not currently have network connectivity” when trying to log in to the LightwaveRF android app?

    This was all working fine and the problem only started yesterday (29th Sep 2017).

    I’ve unplugged the Wifi link and it boots up fine and gets assigned an IP address from my router. The router also shows it connected.

    I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling the phone app but it makes no difference.

    I can log in via a web browser on my PC and control everything fine through that.

    Any ideas what could be wrong or what I could try?


    John :)

     michaelsage says:


    I have the same issue and looking at the reviews in the play store it appears many people have it. Looks like lightwave mucked up the latest app release and then went home for the weekend :( On the plus side my Amazon echo still seems to work.

    I am an android user so I don’t know if it affecting iOS users too.


     Johnny T says:

    Johnny T

    Thanks Michael!

    Really appreciated the feedback. I really wanted to avoid resetting the device and it looks like I don’t have to now.

    Just need to wait for them to get their act together.

    Thanks again for taking the time to let me know. Really appreciate it.

    John :-)

     Duncbaxter says:


    Same problem, thought it was just me til I found this.

     JimS says:


    Same here, on all 3 android devices. Together with the having to log in frequently, this latest issue is making me wonder why so many problems

     Highlander123 says:


    Same here.
    App not working on android devices.

    Google home still works and works from a pc.

    Hopefully lightwave techs are having a good weekend

     Automation says:


    Same here, my work round for a tablet is to get the web based app on Chrome and then make a Home screen ICON.
    Tried a reinstall and then got the message this app is not compatible with your device. It was 3.1.5, new app is 3.1.9.
    I think the problem is caused by changes to the server as my non updated 3.1.5 stopped working (now it is not installed!) as well as 3 other android devices. The reviews on Google Play Store make interesting reading, almost as good as those for a certain Irish airline. Submitted a ticket on 29th-no reply, phone line recorded message. This is after all the hype about version 2, even a certain jeweller could not beat this. Ah well I have my main items backed up with WEMO plugs, so can still access my home computer remotely. The IOS app works, as well as the web based one, be thankful for this!!!

     Node Zero says:

    Node Zero

    Yes, lots of people having the same issue over on FB, a work around mentioned on there is to use the Deta connect app. I must be last on the list for app updates from Play store as mine hasn’t updated and neither has Alexa to provide me with these new calling/drop in features!

     Johnny T says:

    Johnny T

    Yep, my PC is working still at least.

    Lightwave stuff seems very flaky to me. Not a good foundation to sell generation 2 on. Unless this is going to be the way they’ll get everyone to upgrade by progressively having “drop outs” in the legacy gen 1 equipment. I sincerely hope not :(

     Phil177 says:


    Hi having the same problem. It works great on my wife’s IPhone 6. Anyone know how long it will take to sort? Phil…

     NedC says:


    Try the Deta Connect app. It is in fact exactly the same as the old LightwaveRF app (except that it works) and will connect to your existing Lightwave account. Looks as if the company is selling badged LightwaveRF kit.

     Node Zero says:

    Node Zero

    It’ll probably be fixed first thing Monday morning when someone plugs back in the cable they tripped over on the way out on Friday!

     karen says:


    Thank god for Google. Typed this error message & found this forum. Exactly the same problem. Working perfectly & today got the error.

    Tried un-installing the app & re-installing the app but still not working.

    Can get access through the website, but I wanted easy access on my phone & that is why I bought the LightWaveRF.

    I like the products but there are some flaws sometime.

    Like someone said once someone get’s in tomorrow morning hopefully it will be fixed.

     Johnny T says:

    Johnny T

    Just tried the Deta Connect app (as suggested by Ned earlier) and it seems to work a treat!!

    Thanks for the suggestion :)

     mark harding says:

    mark harding

    and the same for me to. deta app though works a treat.

    annoying thing i already have stainless and white insert switches in the house before i went LWRF and have a mismatch now due to the stainless having the black insert where as the deta ones are white and would match…. but are way more expensive it would see. £113 for a double socket i saw on one site!!!!

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