ANy TRV adapter collars going spare?

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     tobiw says:


    Looking for some assistance/cast offs from people – I’ve just moved house with my TRVs, but the new radiators are old danfoss that don’t have threaded valves on them, and I threw away the supplied adapter collars that originally came with my valve heads. Has anyone recently bought TRVs and doesn’t need the adapter collars that they could send on/sell to me? I need 5 collars in total, any help appreciated.

     Ccheet says:



    I have a similar issue. It looks like the danfoss trv’s come in a variety of different sizes…

    RA 23mm
    RAV 34mm
    RAVL 26mm

    Quick Google search found this. The only adapter in the lightwaverf kit is for the 23mm RA as far as I can tell. Mine are the RAVL.

    I have decided to change all of my trv’s so that the lightwaverf kit will be a direct fit…

    I have 5 spare collars from my kits if they are anyou use…


     clarksn says:


    I gave up on Lightwave heating controls after trying them last year and have just got Honeywell Evohome (which is brilliant!).

    I have got all the adaptor collars that came with those valves – I know they won’t necessarily work but given that Lightwave trvs fit honeywell valves without needing an adaptor there is a good chance they might work as they are adapting the same fitting type so happy to post them to you if you emal me your address (lightwavecommunity(at) so you can give them a try.

    (or if cchet gives you his collars Ic an see if my collars are any use to him!)


     tobiw says:


    Cchet, I have managed to test one of the lightwave supplied collars and they work just great, so if your 5 are available then I’d love to get hold of them, and who knows, maybe Steve can help you out as well? If you can send me an email to tobistuffATgmailDOTcom then we can arrange something?

    Thanks again :)


     tobiw says:


    Hi, still looking for some of these in case anyone can help us out.


     Emrys Jones says:

    Emrys Jones

    I have 6 RAVL Danfoss valves in my house. I found this adapter on eBay (aus Deutschland),
    ’1-Adapter-Danfoss-For-Heating-Valve-Actuator-Radiator-Thermostats-RAVL’ i.e. eBay #252473304805
    It is very small and neat and essentially makes a threaded shim between the RAVL and the white collar.

    The RAVL valve and LightwaveRF controller fit together correctly and function perfectly with this adapter.

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