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     Coogz says:


    I’ve been using Alexa and lightwaverf for a week or so now. So far have heating, 2 lights and a socked. It was super easy to setup.

    I am running a 1 Living & 1 Dining Room light and 1 socket with a lamp connected.. She is not much use for the heating as that doesn’t change all that often.

    I’ve called my Living room the “Lounge” and called the light, “Light”, so saying “Alexa… Lounge Light 10″ usually puts the light on at a nice dimmed level. However she quite often asks me to clarify which device I want. I then also have a “Dining Room” & “Light” which she sometimes mistakes for bedroom?

    The “Lounge” “Lamp” is a unique name so usually “Alexa… Lamp On” works first time. Strangely when I try and turn lamp off in the evenings, she will respond “OK” and nothing happens. When tapping the button on the app it goes off. I am yet to test it when not connected to the wireless.

    I also setup a group in Alexa called “Both Lights”, which controls the two lights, and then a group called “All Lights” which includes the lamp too. This works quite well.

    It is a nice toy at this point. Whether we continue to use it for this function remains to be seen I guess.

     Healeydave says:


    Can’t find the Lightwave Skill in the Alexa App. I’ve confirmed my location is correct for my postcode in the UK but searching for Lightwave, LightwaveRF, JSJS, Megaman etc reveals no result????

     clinkadink says:

     Healeydave says:


    Can’t get to that link, if I click it, I have to sign in, then it just takes me to the Amazon Alexa home screen.
    If I check the URL, its using:

    If I then try to past the link in, it diverts me back to .com and asks me to sign in again.

    Now my instinct tells me I am somehow locked into the USA store but I don’t know why because in my settings, my location is correct for the UK and when I sign in, the home page is displaying weather for my UK locations.

    Can’t see any way around this unless LightwaveRF publishes the skill into the USA store as well :-(

     Healeydave says:


    Sorted it.

    I had a weird problem where-by despite Amazon having my UK address set in settings and showing me products in the UK whenever I visited the Amazon website, I somehow seemed to be linked to the USA. I found an obscure link in a thread on the Internet relating to people having a similar problem when using Kindle. Even though I don’t use Kindle, I followed the link and managed to switch from USA to UK and it seemed to fix my problem.

    The best bit is, I haven’t even needed to buy any Amazon Echo hardware, I’m using the app that you can download on a Mac App Store or in the iOS App Store that basically gives you access to Alexa using the hardware you probably already have in your mobile phone or Mac computer :-)

    If you want to investigate, simply search for Reverb AI in either store.

     Solublepeter says:


    Thanks for the link to
    Works around the house (which another app that talks to Alexa couldn’t)

    Leave them a review- it deserves better reviews than it has (at least on the mac store)

     Healeydave says:


    Just left a review, thanks for the prompt, I should have down it sooner!

    Can’t understand the negative reviews, it works, save’s people £££’s on buying Alexa hardware and the app is free, what more do people want?

Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)

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