Alexa not finding Thermostat

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     akaushal1983 says:



    I’ve got the Echo Dot to voice control my light switches and thermostat. When I add the Lightwave Skill to Alexa it discovers all the light switches but not the Thermostat. It found it before but when I did an update it disappeared and now can’t find it (or doesn’t add it).

    Any ideas?

     royjwatkins says:


    No, 1 year 3 months on, mines not working, had alexa since Christmas, advertising should say, NOT compatible with alexa.

     Pistol0007 says:


    Boiler switch

    I have a Worcester combo boiler
    The thermostat at the minute has a live, switched live and neutral
    Neutral That go to the boiler terminals
    Live -LS
    Switched live-LR
    I also have my supply
    With the light wave thermostat what are the connections from boiler to boiler switch and do I have to double up on the neutral ie from the supply side
    I really don’t know how Lightwaverf can say anyone can install and the terminal are so small
    Another thing is that why is there no fused spur to isolate
    Any help would be great

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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