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     Unomelodica says:


    Hey all

    Juts in process of adding in LWRF wall switches – mostly went swimming but i have hit a slight hurdle and would appreciate some input

    I have a two gang switch one way in my cinema room which controls the wall lights and also the alcove lighting .The wiring seems to have me in knots !

    I’m tring to install a LWRF 2 gang one way switch.

    So the cruz I have a total of 5 wires ( one link wire) but 4 coming into switch

    L1 Red (top of switch)
    L2 Red (top of switch)
    L1 Red (bottom of switch)
    L2 Black (bottom of swicth)
    One linking wire L1 to L1

    So, I have taken the switch out marking all wires with masking tape – the bizzare thing is , the Rf light fitting next to is a single gang one way ,has turned off. I can only assume that this is somehow tied into this one !

    Any help is appreciated



     btidey says:


    This sounds like rather unconventional wiring. You need to find out for certain what are the live feeds and the returns to the lamps including the relationship with the other switch first.

    From the description I would guess (stress guess) that there is effectively one live feed in here which is being shared across all three fittings. I’ll assume that the link is from the top of one switch to the bottom of the other, not on the same switch which wouldn’t make a lot of sense. So L1 Red is incoming live, bottom of that switch is a switched return to its lamp. The other switch then has live feed on the bottom and a switched feed back to the lamp on L2 Red. The bottom of this switch also has a red feed which I would guess is a live feed link through to next door switch and then this is switched though to feed back the third lamp.

    Once you have established the wiring then it should be straightforward to put in the LightwaveRF switch as each gang needs a live feed and then the return back to the lamp.

     Unomelodica says:


    Hi a bit of an update – The L1 wire is permanent live the others look like switched live

    Thebizzare thing the switch right next to it has alos turned off im guesssing the feed is taken from this switch – Any ideas

    Ive tested with a mutimeter



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