4G Dimmer problem

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     gregs says:


    Hi guys,

    I have a 4 gang dimmer. Generation 1.

    One of the ‘modules’ has started playing up and turning off that light after 10-12 mins.
    It seems to be getting hot.

    It’s the module on the right end. I seem to remember reading somewhere that this module controls the RF function. Which, as it goes has also stopped working. None of these lights work off the app right now.

    Do I need a new, complete 4G dimmer, of can I buy a 1g and just replace the module?

    Thanks in advance.

     njr001 says:



    This may not be the definitive answer!

    I had a similar problem with a 2 gang dimmer, one module failed totally, I contemplated buying a single gang replacement as it appeared to have two identical modules. Suggest you try unscrewing the modules, I was surprised to find that despite looking like individual modules they were linked together with about four wires.
    Mine may have been pre generation 1 as purchased in 2013. I reluctantly therefore replaced mine with a new generation one 2 gang unit and found the modules are moulded as one piece.

     nevetsecirp says:


    A 1 gang definitely would not work, as the modules have different functions, the far left one if not powered, then the RF will not work in the others, therefore a 1 gang must be different. Unless we are getting our left and rights mixed up
    Also if Gen 1 there was the 200 series initially designed for standard lamps, then 400 series designed to work with LED, so watch what you are buying

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