3-way relay (Gen 1) to wire up 2 x Shaver sockets

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     djtomkins says:


    Wondering if anyone could share a viewpoint on whether the above is viable? I have a cabinet using a permanent live from the lighting circuit in the bathroom switched off a relay, and was thinking of swapping out the relay for a 3-way to have his and her shaver sockets (for toothbrush charging!) added to the cabinet light.

    I know shaver sockets are usually on a lighting circuit anyway, so I can’t see any reason why not but wanted to get others’ views.


    Two floors tooled up for light and power! Lighting circuits: 5 x 1 gang, 5 x 2 gang, 3 x 3 gang, 6 relay circuits, mainly LEDHut 5W LEDs (91!) but also outdoor SON lamps, LED kitchen lights, LED candle bulbs, halogen bulbs and a dimmable CFL, 5 mood controllers, two remote switches, 2 PIRs. Power: one remote socket, 9 plug in modules. Patiently waited for the heating modules for years, and am a little underwhelmed....flirting with evohome....and please don't tell me "there is a better way" and try to sel
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