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     Noghar says:


    For some reason, though I’ve been using LWRF products for more than a year, I recently received an email called ‘welcome to Lightwave RF’ which offered several ‘tips’ for installation. Which irritated me slightly as I had just paid an electrician to install several new LWRF switches in my kitchen, and it would have been good to know beforehand that he should :

    ‘ 6. …make sure the master dimmer is installed before the 2-Way dimmer.

    7. The right hand gang of every dimmer (labeled master one) has to be powered for any dimmer gang to work. ‘

    It seems to me these should be in the printed instructions and not added as an afterthought in an email.

    Anyway, my question is: I have a three-way dimmer controlling a single circuit, so two of the channels are not being used (I had to buy a three-way – the switch I was replacing was three-way) The electrician wired the left-hand channel only, the one closest to the circuit it controlled. Now contrary to the ‘tip’ above the switch does work, EXCEPT it won’t link to anything – I have tried pairing it with a wireless switch and a phone, that both paired just fine with all the other switches.

    Is it not linking because I am only using the left-hand channel? Or is it a faulty unit?

    I’m also peeved because to make the dimmers work properly I had to replace all 26 LEDs with Megaman models. But I guess that’s bleeding-edge tech for you.

     Grunthos says:


    Yep, it will “work” locally, but the right hand element is the one housing the radio receiver…
    Hence no linking – it can’t “hear” anything…

     Noghar says:


    Thanks for that.

    A few minutes after posting the query I rang support and they confirmed, yes, I should have wired the right-hand gang first. The one marked ‘Master 1′ on the control unit. I did that and the unit linked to my wireless switch. It seems I can’t join it to the existing group on my app however – I suspect I will have to delete that group and start again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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