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     mitchelltking says:


    I know this has probably been covered but I cant find a simple answer.

    I have 2 single light switches for my kitchen (uk standard no neutral) one at either end of the room.

    Do I need 1 x lightwave switch or 2?

    IF 1 lightwave switch is needed what happens if I turn on using alexa for example then off using switch?
    If I turn on via the 1 manual switch can I dim / turn off via the lightwave?


     btidey says:


    If you mean the 2 switches are currently controlling 1 light, then you must replace both (1 master + 1slave). You cannot mix a manual switch and a lightwave switch on the same light.

    It is also worth checking that the 2 way wiring is done in the standard way with a 3 core cable between the switches. There are ways of doing manual 2 way wiring which are not compatible with master / slave operation and you would then need to use a master switch plus a wire-free switch which just sends wireless commands to the master.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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