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    HI all,

    New to Lightwave and wanted to ask a question that has probably been asked and shot down before.

    Is 2 way feedback going to be implemented on the WiFI link box for products other than the heating controls? Specifically I wanted the light switches, door sensor and PIR sensor to report back to my AMX control system.

    Trying out the Philips Hue and whilst it is a good platform with an API and 2 way feedback it’s fundamental flaw is that when the light switch is turned off, so is the ability to control it!

    Thanks in advance.

     Chris says:

    Key Master

    To enable 2-way feedback, the device itself will need to transmit it’s status. This isn’t currently possible for the existing dimmers and sockets. The door sensor and PIR transmit an ON signal to their paired devices when they are activated, and while this is received by the Wi-Fi link (it has a 433Mhz receiver I believe) the firmware doesn’t do anything with it.

    You would probably be best off using a RFXCom RFXtrx433 to listen for the commands being sent from Wireless On/Off switches and then hide dimmers and relays out of the way or use inline ones to actually control the connected loads. This would have the added advantage that your AMX system may be able to utilise the RFXtrx433 to transmit the required control signals for the loads too.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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