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     ALQ_82 says:


    Hi, I have installed several dimmers around the house without issue, but having a spot of trouble.

    I have a 2 gang dimmer, that trips the RCD as soon as I put the power back on. Each gang is controlling a circuit that are on different RCDs on the consumer unit.
    I see the whole switch is powered by the supply into the primary gang, rather than each gang being isolated, so I suspect that this is causing the fault. Can someone advise me if this set up is even possible.

    Cheers, AL_Q.

     btidey says:


    RCD works by ensuring the live current is exactly balanced by the returning neutral current. If it is out by 20mA or so then it trips.

    Once you share the neutrals of different RCDs at the switch then this is not necessarily the case and the RCD likely trips.

    So, you should not try to use the same shared dimmer switch to control circuits from different RCDs.

    One method would be to use in-line dimmers and put a 2 gang wire-free switch in place to control them.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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