24 FEBRUARY 2013

Integrating and Controlling Lightwave RF with Demopad

In this guide I’ll be explaining how to integrate Lightwave’s following products with Demopad: WiFi Link Dimmer Switch Power Socket Radiator Valve (the old type) Inline Relay (500w 2 x load version) EcoMeter Overview of Steps involved: Configure Lightwave Wi-Fi Link as normal Pair Lightwave products with desired iOS or Android device using official Lightwave [...]

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Lamp Compatibility Guide

The ultimate compatibility guide for dimmable LED’s and CFL’s and the LightwaveRF dimmers. The following table lists LED’s and CFL’s that have been tested by members of the community and the results. This is a community driven list and your milage with different lamps may vary. The columns have the following meaning: Name, Retailer and [...]

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10 FEBRUARY 2012

Fourth LightwaveRF Dimmer and Good News on LEDs

I have just fitted my fourth Lightwave RF dimmer.  This time in the living room and on the same fitting as the one I have recently replaced with LED lamps.  The dimmer works fine as I would expect and is actually much better than the home easy dimmer it replaced.  The LED lamps dim much [...]

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DemoPad controlling LightwaveRF

Its the wee small hours and I really should be in bed but I have just installed DemoPad on my iPhone (and iPad) and been playing with trying to get it to control my LightwaveRF installation. It works! What I needed to do was find out the actual IP address of my LightwaveRF WiFi Link [...]

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LightwaveRF WiFi Linked

Finally my local B&Q have taken delivery of the LightwaveRF WiFi Link and I popped in earlier to pick one up. You can order one here through Amazon if you wish: Buy LightwaveRF WiFi Link on-line through Amazon. The packaging is the usual high quality I have come to expect from JSJS Designs and was [...]

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