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The LightwaveRF community brings together users and enthusiasts of the LightwaveRF technology. It provides a home for discussions, the exchange of ideas, hints and tips and control using third party technologies and a links to a selection of the Internet’s best on-line retailers. The LightwaveRF Community is not affiliated to JSJS Designs, the company who develop and license the technology.

This site is divided into three sections. The LightwaveRF Forum (previously hosted by JSJS Designs at, the online product pages and a blog. Members who would like to submit articles for the blog are most welcome to do so. Readers should be aware that help and advice provided by members of this site is unofficial and on a best efforts basis. No liability can be accepted by The LightwaveRF Community if damage is done to you or your equipment as a result of following advice found here. Readers are urged to take proper advice from a qualified electrician before embarking on any modifications to their household electrical systems.

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1 day ago,  Dangebrowne posted a reply to Google Home And LWRF in Installation and Troubleshooting

So a lightwave page now appears instead of the Google log in page in home control but it still won’t let me log in

2 days ago,  leeboy posted a reply to Google Home And LWRF in Installation and Troubleshooting

Wasn’t prepared to factory reset my phone or home device so factory reset an old android phone and setup with that, done. Probably some cache issue somewhere, sorted now. Hopefully this [...]

2 days ago,  pauly posted a reply to Blinds in LightwaveRF Hackers

I did it, details here – got a cheap blind motor that connects to a chain or cord and turns one way when power is applied to it, and the other way when it [...]

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